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Ladybird Fancypants

Ladybird Fancypants isn't your average drag queen. For one, she wears pants and (gasp!) flats. She's also mastered the art of reading... books that is!

Drag Queen Storytime teaches children all about diversity, caring, and just loving the person you are. And because every drag queen needs a best friend or “Judy,” Ladybird often brings along some of her best animal friends.

Think of her like a modern-day Ms. Frizzle. But let's be honest, Ms. Frizzle wishes she had those curls, mama!

All the money earned through Ladybird Fancypants appearances goes to The Unicorn Fund, a fund Chris and his husband, Jared Lenover, have set up through the Hamilton Community Foundation to benefit LGBTQ2S+ youth.