"Chris and Jared give us a peek into their lives and their brains. Funny, honest, folks who admittedly don’t know all, but make space for them and us to learn and grow in a vulnerable open way. This has quickly become my favourite, must-listen podcast."

- Jackiyo

Episode 1 - He, she, and them. A threesome.

Episode 1 - He, she, and them. A threesome.

Meet your two new GBFFs, Chris and Jared - life and business partners, the famous "gayest cake in the world" couple, and podcast hostesses with the mostesses. The "Let Them Eat Gayke" podcast has all the hot topics you want to chat about, delivered with a slice of sugary sweetness.

T • time - 7:00

The T stands for truth. These hostesses are both open books. Jared is full of words. Chris is more pictures you can colour.  Questions from you. Answers from them. While they eat cake.


In the relationship, who’s the man and who’s the woman?

Will there be babies?

When you both came out did you have a safe space?

Do you and Jared divide pet chores equally or does one of you obviously pull more weight than the other?

Have you ever been asked to be in a threesome with a straight woman?

Men-of-Pause - 16:50

Jared and Chris are political junkies. And they love spending the night watching Trumpian YouTube videos and screaming at the television. In this segment they're going to watch a video together like they always do - pausing when the need arises.

Today's Video: Space Force

BONKERS - 22:58

Tools for keeping your mental health in check.

Today's Tool: Medication 

Gateway Gay - 34:48

If you're straight and narrow, this fab duo will help you navigate the rainbow-coloured waters, and get you safely across the yellow brick road.

Pitch, please - 42:10

This is Chris's opportunity to convince Jared of the impossible.

Today's pitch involes a trampoline.

Episode 2 - Get around boys, jazzed, and the bees knees

Episode 2 - Get around boys, jazzed, and the bees knees

It gets better

It gets better