Episode 6 - Poop, storms, and whoops we did it again

Episode 6 - Poop, storms, and whoops we did it again

Hello - 00:00

Chris and Jared say sorry, introduce some moderators, and let Laverne Cox do all the talking.  


  • Anti-gay thug smears poop on Pride bench, writing ‘F***ing Queers’
  • Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski to open New York restaurant in historic LGBT area
  • Gay Man Stays Celibate in Order to Donate Blood
  • Letter ‘written by Jesus’ threatens storms if Australia doesn’t ban gay marriage
  • French fashion photographer recreates all of Madonna’s iconic looks… with his golden retriever Max

T • time - 15:40

The T stands for truth. These hostesses are both open books. Jared is full of words. Chris is more pictures you can colour.  Questions from you. Answers from them. While they eat cake.


Clayton: How do you feel the gay community is represented in television (specifically gay men) as I see a lot of misrepresentations myself, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. For example, on Riverdale there is a gay character who is depicted as a big, muscular, burly man but his characters storyline is limited to cruising in the woods for men & asking his female friends where they got their fabulous boots.

Alicia: Most couples have a “hall pass” list of celebrities. Do you and Jared have this/ or is this just a straight couple thing? And if so is there any crossover’s? In the case of my significant other and I, one of his picks would be Tina Fey and one of my picks would be Stanley Tucci.


Dear Jesus - 27:50

Religion. Jared is a born again Baptist and Chris leaves the “T” out of Christmas, making it more personalized to him.

We’re talking Chick-fil-A

BONKERS - 31:45

Tools for keeping your mental health in check.

Today's Tool: Sleep Machine

Gateway Gay - 40:00

If you're straight and narrow, this fab duo will help you navigate the rainbow-coloured waters, and get you safely across the yellow brick road.

What does Cis mean? 

Pitch, please - 43:55

This is Chris's opportunity to convince Jared of the impossible.

Today's pitch: MAMMA MIA!

What's your function

What's your function

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant