Episode 5 - Sex, Religion, and The Sound of Music

Episode 5 - Sex, Religion, and The Sound of Music

Hello - 00:00

Chris and Jared chat about being comfortable in your clothes, Drag Queen Story-time, and headlines, headlines, headlines!

• Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio Could Have Starred in 'Brokeback Mountain'
• Right-Wing Pundit Says 'B' in 'LGBTQ' Stands for 'Bestiality'  
• Nigella Lawson donates to funeral costs for trans student whose parents refused to claim body • • Lesbian couple allegedly stabbed men, who sexually harassed them.  
• This wrestler lost his scholarship over a homophobic slur
• A Last Christmas film based on the George Michael song is coming.  

T • time - 20:55

The T stands for truth. These hostesses are both open books. Jared is full of words. Chris is more pictures you can colour.  Questions from you. Answers from them. While they eat cake.


Jamieson: How do you feel about the new pride flag? With the brown and black stripes? Do you feel that the flag has nothing to do with race or are the new stripes a welcome addition?  


Nicole: Pineapple on pizza or no?  

Giselle: Would you rather be constantly itchy or constantly sticky?

Leslie: RuPaul - does he get a pass for his problematicness because of all the good he has done, or should we be calling him out? 

Dear Jesus - 32:43

Religion. Jared is a born again Baptist and Chris leaves the “T” out of Christmas, making it more personalized to him.

We’re talking customizing your Christ. 

BONKERS - 39:10

Tools for keeping your mental health in check.

Today's Tool: Sex


Gateway Gay - 46:50

If you're straight and narrow, this fab duo will help you navigate the rainbow-coloured waters, and get you safely across the yellow brick road.

Who Is Asexual? http://www.whatisasexuality.com

Pitch, please - 53:40

This is Chris's opportunity to convince Jared of the impossible.

Today's pitch: Can I get a witness!?

Unicorns - Forever + Ever

Unicorns - Forever + Ever

Episode 4 - First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Sex Ed

Episode 4 - First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Sex Ed