"Chris and Jared give us a peek into their lives and their brains. Funny, honest, folks who admittedly don’t know all, but make space for them and us to learn and grow in a vulnerable open way. This has quickly become my favourite, must-listen podcast."

- Jackiyo

Episode 16 - The Halloween Show!!!

Episode 16 - The Halloween Show!!!

Hello - 00:00

Around the world and into your home. The gay headlines that touch your life. With Jared Lenover, Chris Farias, and Hugh Downs. (Not really with Hugh Downs.)

T • time - 15:15

The T stands for truth. These hostesses are both open books. Jared is full of words. Chris is more pictures you can colour.  Questions from you. Answers from them. While they eat cake.

Thank you to Cake & Loaf! (They provide the cake.)

  • Favourite Hallowe’en candy? (Jamieson and Katherine)

  • What’s been your best Halloween costume? (Giselle) / What’s the worst childhood Halloween costume you ever wore? (Staci)

  • Any "must watch" Hallowe'en movies? (Amanda)

  • Do you often find that real life is more frightening than a horror movie? (Jamieson)

Dear Jesus - 28:10

Religion. Jared is a born again Baptist and Chris leaves the “T” out of Christmas, making it more personalized to him.

  • History of Halloween (video we watched earlier) ← more timely

    • All Hallows Day / All Saints Day

    • How schools, police departments, and other civic groups tamed Halloween in order to prevent damage / danger

BONKERS - 33:20

Because we can’t say “crazy” anymore.

  • Mental health, dressing up, and theatre.


Gateway Gay - 44:00

Where we help you, our straight and cis friends, navigate the rainbow-coloured waters. We’ll help you get safely across the yellow brick road.
Small New Brunswick village removes ‘straight pride’ flag after backlash (Global News)

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - 1:01:22

Where we describe everyday things from the perspective of our alien counterparts.

  • Hallowe’en, of course.

Episode 15 - Too pooped to podcast, too pooped, too pooped to podcast

Episode 15 - Too pooped to podcast, too pooped, too pooped to podcast