Episode 3 - Nanette, a Drag Queen, and the Pope walk into a bar

Episode 3 - Nanette, a Drag Queen, and the Pope walk into a bar

Hello - 00:00

Chris and Jared chat about Hannah Gadsby's Netflix special Nanette - and Chris adds the third part to his stories.

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T • time - 25:00

The T stands for truth. These hostesses are both open books. Jared is full of words. Chris is more pictures you can colour.  Questions from you. Answers from them. While they eat cake.


• Call me old fashioned,but I'd love to hear when you met, what your initial impressions of each other were and when you knew you were in love. I love the mushy gushy love stuff. 

• I have one. All couples fight, on here you guys seem just 100% cool 100% of the time. If you don't fight, what’s your secret, and if you do, how do you make up?  

• Is their something your partner does or you do that the other really dislikes and has asked you not to do, but you do it in secret anyway?

Dear Jesus - 37:30

Religion. Jared is a born again Baptist and Chris leaves the “T” out of Christmas, making it more personalized to him.

We’re talking forgiveness.

BONKERS - 40:20

Tools for keeping your mental health in check.

Today's Tool: Journaling and Jogging (part 2)

Gateway Gay - 44:30

If you're straight and narrow, this fab duo will help you navigate the rainbow-coloured waters, and get you safely across the yellow brick road.

Drag lingo bingo! 

Pitch, please - 50:50

This is Chris's opportunity to convince Jared of the impossible.

Today's pitch: The BIG question, for the 10th time.

Does your mother know?

Does your mother know?

Let's watch Beaches!

Let's watch Beaches!