Jared Lenover and Chris Farias

The Gayke Agenda

Meet your two new GBFFs, Jared Lenover and Chris Farias – life and business partners, the famous “gayest cake in the world” couple, and podcast hostesses with the mostesses. The Let Them Eat Gayke podcast has all the hot topics you want to chat about, delivered with a slice of sugary sweetness.

Their agenda is simple: To create a safe space for the LGBTQ2S+ community, their straight friends, and people wanting to collaborate, educate, and build stronger allies.

Everyone should have the right to love and freedom. Oh, and cake, of course.

Match: Meet the couple behind ‘the gayest wedding cake ever’


Last December, the 'gayest wedding cake ever,' baked in Hamilton, became a viral sensation. Here, the two grooms behind the political confection share their story of love and internet celebrity.

Location: Hamilton

Relationship status: Together since 2008

Eyes for each other

Chris: I was on a plethora of dating apps at the time. One night, I was on Plenty of Fish and there was Jared. I thought, "Damnnnnn, he's cute." And he was originally from the Chatham area. I'm originally from the Windsor area, so I thought – not only cute, but also convenient for holidays and such. I was ready to lock something down.

Jared: I was also at that stage where I was interested in a long-term relationship. Our first date was at Hamilton Art Crawl.

Chris: I couldn't take my eyes off of him. What about you, Jared? Could you take your eyes off of me?

Jared: Ha! I had a really good time. I remember immediately thinking that he had such a great smile and was really sweet – he actually bought me a piece of art from one of the galleries and gave it to me later.

Chris: I was buying art on the first date. A bit much.

Romance, social-media style

Chris: A couple of years ago, I dealt with depression and there was a point when I couldn't even get out of bed. Jared was incredible and when I was at my lowest, he said, "You can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I can and I'm going to help you get there." I got help and I got out of it and that's when I started thinking about getting married.

Jared: Chris was still in Toronto visiting a friend and I was home watching a movie with my brother. I remember checking my phone and seeing that I had a bunch of Facebook notifications. And then I saw Chris's Facebook status.

Chris: It said, "Jared, I love you. I want to wake up every day looking into your beautiful eyes. Will you marry me? I'll be home in 45 minutes to get your answer."

Jared: It's not the proposal I would have imagined …

Chris: My mother was furious!

A love that takes the cake

Jared: The funny thing about the "gayest wedding cake ever" is that it wasn't our cake. The cake was for our engagement party.

Chris: We had been following the news about the gay wedding cake Supreme Court case in the [United] States. I guess our cake was a form of protest.

Jared: I loved the headline: "When you ask for a gay wedding cake in Canada this is what you get." That made me proud. And we heard from people all over the world – people who live in countries where it's illegal to be gay.

Chris: And from the lady in Little Caesars. I walked in there one day and a woman was like, "Oh my god, you're the gay wedding cake guy!" That was pretty great.

Gayest Cake in the World